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Perfume REMARC 34

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34 - the number chosen to name this scent - holds special significance: in the ancient Jewish system of numerology, called gematria, the sum of its digits, 7, is a most auspicious number that exudes an energy all its own, full of the promise of good things to come formulated as an essence.

For maximum scent concentration and stability, so a little goes a long way, and lasts a long time formulated with a molecular base so the final fragrance emerges differently on each individual formulated for anyone and everyone.

Use it as a personal scent or for aromatherapy heady scent of the flowering orange gardens of Ha-Sharon region with a hint of summer roses, accentuated by the smell of the Israeli night lotus. The aroma transfers us to the atmosphere of early autumn, crop harvesting and the New Year, Rosh Hashanah. 

Use this unique blend of distinctively Israeli ingredients and your senses will transport you to far-reaching corners of the Promised Land. 

The creator of the REMARC brand —Michel Or— is a legendary personality with an intriguing past. He worked as a chef, a director at the Israeli opera, and even received a doctoral degree in psychology. Through it all, he pursued his fascination with chemistry, especially as it relates to skincare and perfumery, finally transforming his passion into a vocation, with astounding results: always larger than life, Michel travels all over the world conducting master classes in cosmetology and perfumes; masterfully mixing and layering his wonderful ingredients, he loves to share his creative approach, philosophy, and even craft secrets.  

REMARC perfume 30 ml