One Wolf opens Riga Fashion Week (RFW) 2022 with UNIFORM 2 collection presentation. RFW invited One Wolf for event opening as one of sustainable fashion brands from Latvia. #rigafashionweek_official

The all-season collection UNIFORM 2 is a story about the human life in contemporary metropolitan environment, where a versatile approach to clothing is essential. A wearer deliberately chooses functional and inconspicuous clothes in response to the fashion overproduction provoked by rapidly changing fashion trends.

This is One Wolf designer’s Agnese Narnicka's second edition for the urban survival kit, inspired by uniform and workwear basic principles. This type of clothing has proven its sustainability and survived to the present day. UNIFORM 2 wardrobe includes casual wear such as t-shirts, shirts, hoodies, sweaters, trousers and several types of outerwear. These garments are worn by both men and women, making the UNIFORM 2 collection a gender-neutral, unisex wardrobe base.

This unisex collection presents a versatile, practical and contemporary wardrobe that feels organic to the urban aesthetic. Its more about an attitude than a specific dress code. The new concept involves neutral dressing to avoid standing out. One Wolf interprets the growing popularity of this authentic style, avoiding extravagance as a defence mechanism in an increasingly dividing world.

The potential wearer of UNIFORM 2 collection does not seek distinction in order to assert individuality or membership of a particular social group through clothing. Instead we yearn for equal co-existence, emphasising the individual rather than an inability to fit into any of the stereotypical society norms.

Unisex is the freedom of choice to create a wardrobe that suits your lifestyle. It does not define, but rather provokes the creativity and engagement of the wearer. Unisex fashion expresses simplicity and monumentality, providing an expression of self-sufficiency. 

On the brand’s 10th birthday One Wolf wants to highlight minimalism and fundamental classic wardrobe values, where the importance lies in chosen materials, quality and the design sustainability.

This year our brand has worked on upgrading clothing design and quality. We’ve especially focused on exploring our client needs. The collection UNIFORM 2 is now available also on the shopping platform ZALANDO.