Clothing - Shadow Man SS21

Shadow Man SS21

“The Shadow Man” is a story about the shadow of an individual and the modern society as a whole. What causes discomfort in us and disturbs our usual peace, undermining the values we have recognized so far? The symbol and character of the shadow vividly resonates with the current tense situation in the world. It will continue to have an impact on our daily and routine life, as we have always been too focused on what and when we will need to do next.

Clothing - Shadow Man SS21


This is a minimalistic and ascetic collection with elements of classic and sportswear style. It aims to emphasize the classic style of clothing that combines work and business etiquette, and at the same time the relaxed comfort of home clothing. Stylistically different types of clothing in one look symbolize both modern materialism, efforts to continue the routine of ordinary life, as well as simplicity and alienation from modern globalization and the rapid pace of life.

The new season's collection includes various types of unisex clothing.
Dark color palette with muted fabric prints make our clothes easy to combine in different outfits.

one wolf shadow man ss21 showroom

During the pandemic and 2020 "Riga Fashion Week" on autumn One Wolf presented the Spring/Summer 2021 collection “The Shadow Man” in a creative and unorthodox way.

Models were showcasing our new clothing in our own One Wolf Boutique store window case. Streaming live on instagram as well as available for audience to view from the safety of the open street with 2 m distance.

Check out the live video stream from the show on our instagram!