Clothing - One Wolf SS 2019/20 collection OUTSIDERS

One Wolf SS 2019/20 collection OUTSIDERS

One Wolf SS20 collection “Outsiders” draws inspiration from the lives and stories of people who have been confronted with a misconception of society, or even rejection. Their experiences are different, but they share common feelings of being outside and not meeting the norms of society that have been set up. There are people who willingly walk away from the big-city crowds, the usual public routines, or being fanatically swept away from society by their convictions, or who have been in this role by fate. Most of society fears or avoids strange, eerie, sick, ugly, poor people usually because of their visual appearance and often very stereotypically are judged only by the norms of someone else's appearance or society.

In the collection, feelings of the distinctive personality, standing “outside the frames” are expressed by fabric finishing, new ways of transforming used jeans into new material, asymmetric details and silhouettes, combining both classical, athletic and work-clothing styles. The collection has mix of new innovative materials, recycled fabrics as well as high quality timelessness classic fabrics with natural composition