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One Wolf

SINDROMS žurnāls, balts

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Sindroms is a journal of monochrome states of mind, published in print biannually.

Issue #3: White Sindrom

In this issue:

The third issue, White Sindrom, explores our own interpretation of white through the concept of a blank canvas—a starting point for every story in this issue.

For us, a blank canvas is not only an object in a painter’s atelier. It is the possibilities of nothingness reaching beyond, and it represents the transitions between creativity, emptiness, minimalism, balance, calmness and perfectionism, the main themes this issue explores throughout its 186 pages.

We present the blank canvas of different creatives across multiple industries. These include writer Agnese Kleina (Benji Knewman), illustrator Maria Sainte, poet Phoebe Wang, photographer and set designer duo Paris se quema, architect Andrew Trotter, stylist Denis Bjerregaard, graphic designer Luke Hayman, and many more. We take on topics such as the creative block, old age, the stigma of creativity, the work-life balance, wiping the slate clean, emotional minimalism, among many others - through conceptual, carefully curated editorials, thought pieces and visual essays.